WaveSensor® & WaveMaster®

Flexible and Reliable Wavefront Measurement

WavefrontWith the WaveSensor® series a variety of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors optimized for different measurement applications is available. The WaveSensor® is integrated into existing laboratory or production setups or used for in-field testing. An additional module which is attached easily to the WaveSensor® allows for the measurement of surface form in reflection.

The WaveMaster® instruments are Shack-Hartmann based turnkey solutions for quality assurance, research and development, and production environments. They are employed for example in laboratories, institutes or mobile phone industry.

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The WaveMaster® system includes following lines of equipment:

WaveMaster® COMPACT
is ideally suited for fast quality control and simple research and development measurement tasks. The table top instrument
can be adapted to different lens types with only a few steps.

WaveMaster® LAB
has been optimized for research and development in a laboratory environment. It provides an optical bench which allows for
different infinite and finite conjugate mode setups for measurement in transmission. In addition the surface profile is measured using the optional reflection module.

WaveMaster® IOL
has been optimized for the measurement of intraocular lenses in air or in situ with a model eye.

WaveMaster® PRO
has been designed for the fully automatic test of large numbers of samples in a production environment. All instruments feature a high degree of automation and ease of use.

WaveMaster® Smartgage

WaveMaster® Smartgage

In addition to the measurement of individual samples, wafer lenses are measured (WaveMaster® PRO Wafer).

Furthermore WaveMaster® PRO Reflex allows for fast surface profile measurement in production.

WaveMaster® Smartgage

The ideal metrology instrument for monitoring and controlling production processes.