ProCam® Align

High Precision Active Alignment and Testing of Camera Modules

procam_alignWith ProCam® Align, TRIOPTICS offers flexible and modular solutions for not only active alignment during production, but also the image quality of the finished camera module itself.

The lens assembly is aligned in the optimum position to the sensor with the highest image quality, followed by an automated gluing and curing process. The alignment process can be performed in up to 6 axis with a precision in the range of microns depending on customer requirements.





alignmentEven with a perfect objective lens, the image quality of a complete camera module will deteriorate if the lens is poorly aligned to the sensor. This effect is amplified with the improving performance of camera modules and the higher resolution of sensors. For this reason, the high-precision active alignment of optics and sensor is becoming increasingly important in the production of camera modules.



marketsParticularly in markets such as automotive, security and surveillance, medical instruments, and consumer devices, the need for high volume assembly coupled with the demand for ever increasing quality make the ProCam® Align an ideal solution to meet production challenges.


Special Features

  • Offers collimator and test chart based measurement systems for camera modules
  • Collimators enable wide angle measurements with a field of view of up to 170°
  • Collimators enable measurement of camera modules optimized for finite object distance (1m) up to infinity
  • Active alignment in up to six degrees of freedom
  • Highest accuracy of the linear and rotatory movements


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ProCam® Align