Precision Goniometer

Precision Goniometer for Angle Measurements on Optical Prisms and Polygons

prismmaster_detail2_2014The TRIOPTICS PrismMaster® series is the world´s most accurate and versatile automatic prism and polygon measuring system available on the market. PrismMaster® instruments achieve a measurement accuracy better than 0.2 arcseconds within seconds measurement time. It is also advantageous that the accurate and reliable results are achieved in a single measurement run. There is no need for time consuming multiple measurements and data averaging. The PrismMaster measures either geometric prism angles in reflection or the transmitted beam deviation. Prism angles are measured in the full range between 0° to 360°.

The latest generation of the software combines our unique experience in angle and refractive index measurement with modern software architecture. We are able to provide every customer a measurement solution custom-tailored to his specific needs and to the benefit of his productivity.

General Advantages of the PrismMaster series

  • Outstanding accuracy is achieved with a single measurement. No need for time consuming multiple measurements.
  • No need for a precise sample alignment. The actual prism orientation is analyzed and taken into account by the software
  • Pyramidal errors are measured quickly and accurately without laborious adjustment of the prism.

When analyzing the market development for optical prism angle measurements over the recent years, it becomes clear why the TRIOPTICS PrismMaster® series and the modern product concept behind it are such an overwhelming success: The PrismMaster® series is the first of its class worldwide and PrismMaster® has become the synonym for precision prism goniometers.



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