Non-Contact Thickness and Distance Measurement within Lenses and Optical Systems

OptiSurfPresseOptiSurf® is the ideal tool for non-contact center thickness and air gap measurement within single lenses, planar optics and optical systems. The instrument is based on low coherent interferometry and measures all distances in an optical system with an accuracy of 1 μm in one scan.

OptiSurf® is outstanding in compactness and ease of use as it incorporates all measurement and alignment components in a single system.

Especially the alignment of the sample with respect to the measurement axis has been greatly simplified compared to conventional systems: An innovative alignment tool together with the adjustable sample holder and the software allows even inexperienced operators to accurately align and measure lenses and optical systems. This time saving innovation qualifies OptiSurf® for use in production.


pdf OptiSurf® PDF Brochure

The OptiSurf® Professional Software Perfect for the Analysis of Optical Systems

  • Supports intuitive handling, alignment and measurement process
  • Lens design input via OptiCentric® interface, directly from Zemax or via a convenient lens design editor
  • Automated surface identification for fast and precise measurements
  • Comparison with design data and identification of deviations for use in Quality control
  • Statistical analysis of measurement results
  • Two level user interface: for complex analysis routines in R&D phase and easy to handle operation in production