OptiSpheric® IOL

Characterization of Intraocular Lenses

OptiSpheric® IOL set up follows the requirements of the ISO 11979 standard for the different parameters to be measured.

An illuminated target is at the focus of a collimator, so that parallel light is incident upon the IOL. All targets needed for full characterisation of the IOL are mounted on a fully automated reticle changer.

Double slits are used for power determination, single slit, cross or pinhole are used for MTF measurement. The collimator is an achromat that is virtually free of aberrations for the wavelength band transmitted by the filter (narrow band green filter centered at 546 nm). A microscope with a high numerical aperture allows for imaging on a high resolution CCD-Camera connected to a frame grabber mounted in a PC.

optispheric_iolThe complete measurement head, including the microscope and the sensor, is mounted on a motorized stage featuring micro step operation for fast and accurate autofocus. Low noise cameras for demanding IOLs can also be implemented in the instrument.

pdfOptiSpheric® IOL PDF Brochure