ImageMaster® VISION

Imaging Quality Evaluation of Ophthalmic Glasses

The ImageMaster® VISION evaluates the imaging quality of ophthalmic glasses in terms of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). Besides the MTF further measurement capabilities of the ImageMaster® VISION are:

  • IM_visionDioptric power
  • Through focus MTF
  • Line spread function
  • Phase transfer function
  • Astigmatism


ImageMaster® VISION features a very flexible design which enables for different measurement settings. The ±40° adjustable arms of ImageMaster® VISION allow on-axis and offaxis MTF measurement. Object distances between 30 cm and infinity conjugate are generated by a focusable collimator.

The accommodation and the adaption of the human eye can be simulated with the ImageMaster® VISION: The measuring head is focusable to simulate the accommodation of the eye in the range ±10 dpt and the aperture of the detector is exchangeable to simulate the adaption of the eye.

pdfImageMaster® VISION PDF Brochure

The user friendly software of the ImageMaster® VISION offers a variety of measurement and analyzing tools. The software directly compares real MTF values of the eye glass under test with simulated values from a design program.
The comparison of the imaging quality of the manufactured lenses with the design expectations is made easy in this way. The software of ImageMaster® VISION helps to analyze the measurement results of the eye glasses. The following output graphs are available:

  • MTF vs. Spatial Frequency vs. Image Height
  • MTF vs. Spatial Frequency
  • MTF vs. Defocus