Trioptics Products

opticentricCentering Error Measurement and Optical Alignment
Centering error measurement, assembling, automated cementing and bonding of lenses, optics and optical assemblies.  read more »
OptiSurfNon-Contact Thickness and Distance Measurement within Lenses and Optical Systems
Non-Contact Thickness and Distance Measurement within Lenses and Optical Systems.  read more »
alignmentAlignment Turning
Unrivaled manufacturing accuracy of lenses in a mount.  read more »
Alignment Turning Station – ATS 200 & ATS 400
ProCamHigh Precision Active Alignment and Testing of Camera Modules
Modular Solution for Active Alignment of Optics and Sensor and Final Test of Camera Modules.  read more »
ProCam® Align
imagemasterImaging Quality (MTF / OTF)
Measurement of the optical transfer function (OTF, MTF) of lenses and camera systems.  read more »
ImageMaster® MTF Station
prismmasterPrism Angle Measurement
High precision measurement of prisms in reflection and transmission.  read more »
interferometerSurface Topography Measurement
Interferometer product line for surface measurements on flat, spherical and aspherical components.  read more »
µPhase® MTF Station
Wavefront MeasurementWavefront Measurement
Shack Hartmann sensor for aspheric lens testing and complete IOL characterization including power mapping and aberrations.  read more »
WaveMaster® & WaveSensor®
Angle MeasurementAngle Measurement
Visual and Electronic Autocollimators

Instruments and software for precision angular and plano optics measurement.  read more »
OptiTest® | OptiAngle® | TriAngle®
spectromasterRefractive Index Measurement
Goniometer / spectrometer for precise refractive index measurement of glass.  read more »
Ophthalmic MetrologyOphthalmic Metrology
Measurement of intraocular lenses, contact lenses and eye glasses. Dioptric power, power mapping, wavefront, lens shape.  read more »
Ophthalmic Metrology
Radius MeasurementRadius Measurement
Ultra-accurate measurement of radius of curvature.  read more »
optisphericMulti-Function Optical Test Stations
Measurement of standard lens and IOL parameters EFL, BFL, FFL, Radius, centering, MTF, diopter power…  read more »
AspheroMasterHigh Precision Topography Measurement of Aspheres and Free-Form Surfaces
The AsperoMaster® overcomes limitations and provides full range 3D surface proofing in sub micrometer range.  read more »

Davidson Optronics Products

Alignment TelescopeOptical System Alignment
Alignment of optical elements on an axis, e.g. for telescopes, objectives or other optical assemblies.  read more »
Davidson Optronics D-275/D-271 Alignment Telescopes
Scratch&Dig StandardVisual Scratch&Dig comparison
Qualification standard for visual inspection of optical elements  read more »
Davidson Optronics Scratch&Dig Standards