Sales Team Restructuring

In an effort to better serve you, and our ever increasing customer base, TRIOPTICS USA has restructured, into regions, our sales team and opened a new East Coast office in Rochester, New York. Harvey Miller, a long-time distributor of TRIOPTICS instruments will be managing the East Coast office. The new TRIOPTICS USA East will serve as a sales, service and applications engineering support center. The facility will have an Optical Performance Center equipped with the latest in TRIOPTICS, Davidson Optronics and Wells Research instrumentation.

Impressions from Optatec 2014


On this year’s Optatec TRIOPTICS presented its newly designed exhibition booth with a floor space of 135 m².

Provided by counseling interviews and brand new product movies, a large number of international visitors took advantage of the opportunity to get informed about our latest innovations such as:

  • ATS – Alignment Turning Station with Fully Integrated Measurement Technology
  • AspheroMaster – High Precision Topography Measurement of Aspheres and Free-Form Surfaces
  • PrismMaster – High Precision Goniometer for measurement of prisms, polygons and other plano-optics

In summary the Optatec 2014 was again a great success and we are looking forward to our next participation in 2016!

Publication: High Precision Mounted Lens Production

Alignment Turning Station 200

Directional Adhesive Bonding vers Alignment Turning

Modern optic systems require modern assembly and joining techniques. The trend of keeping production dimensions as small as possible while maintaining or increasing optic imaging capacity leaves little room for mechanical equipment to align the individual elements in the end product. The two methods of directional adhesive bonding lenses in their final cell and alignment turning provide attractive solutions under these conditions.

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