TRIOPTICS strengthens its global team for emerging future technologies

TRIOPTICS and its global affiliates have always been technological trendsetters and are continuing to fill this role as new markets and technologies emerge on the scene. Currently, the optics world see a major push towards Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) with unique challenges and opportunities.

Trioptics, Inc. in the US and Trioptics Headquarters in Germany have taken action to continue to lead also in these future-oriented and fast-growing market segments and are happy to announce that

karoMr. Karo Kujanpaa

Business Development Officer – Advanced Technologies

has joined the team and will be working with our customers. Karo has almost two decades of experience in global business development and worked with major organizations in a worldwide setting. To make Karo familiar with Trioptics, Inc.‘s organization and its procedures, Karo will also start his career as interim Director of US Sales. In this role, Karo will supervise the US sales team.

Image Engineering and TRIOPTICS Announce Strategic Partnership

Digital imaging is one of the most disruptive technologies today. It drives innovations and has become an essential tool in our daily life. Almost everybody owns a high resolution digital camera in form of a cell phone, thus cameras accompany us a significant part of our lives. They make our homes safer, control traffic, assist surgeons, provide weather information, inspect the quality of the goods we buy, help us to park our cars and they will be “the eye” of future autonomous vehicles.