Covid-19 Policy

Trioptics Inc.
Safety Plan for COVID-19
Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

The pandemic outbreak of the new Corona virus or COVID-19 poses a challenge to all of us. We sincerely hope, that you and your families are well and least affected.

Trioptics Inc. takes the health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners very seriously and remains vigilant in doing our part in mitigating this outbreak. Trioptics Inc. is a proud part of the Optics industry, which many have deemed as essential during this Declared National Emergency. In order to be safe and maintain operations, we have implemented a COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Plan, to the extent feasible and appropriate, throughout the company and at all of our jobsites.

At this time, we are restricting all non-essential travel by our employees. Essential travel, to support the operations of our customers and business partners is now being allowed, but only after approval from Management.

Much of our workforce is able to work from home. Schedules have been established for employees working in our labs and offices, to minimize the total number of employees at any location at a given time. CDC social distancing guidelines are followed have been implemented at all of our locations.

This Plan is based on information available from the CDC and Cal/OSHA at the time of its drafting and is subject to change based on further information provided by the CDC, OSHA, and other public officials. Trioptics Inc. may also amend this Plan based on operational needs.

I. Responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors

All managers and supervisors must be familiar with this Plan and be ready to answer questions from employees. Managers and supervisors must always set a good example by following this Plan. This involves practicing good personal hygiene and jobsite safety practices to prevent the spread of the virus. Managers and supervisors must encourage this same behavior from all employees.

The Trioptics Inc. Management Team will continuously monitor our compliance with the recommendations made by the CDC and Cal/OSHA regarding COVID-19.

II. Responsibilities of Employees

Trioptics Inc. is asking every one of our employees to help with our prevention efforts while at work. To minimize the spread of COVID-19 at our jobsites, everyone must do their part. As set forth below, Trioptics Inc. has instituted various housekeeping, social distancing, and other best practices at our jobsites. All employees must follow these guidelines. In addition, employees are expected to report to their managers or supervisors if they are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, as described below. If you have a specific question about this Plan or COVID-19, please ask your manager or supervisor.

OSHA and the CDC have provided the following control and preventative guidelines for all workers, regardless of exposure risk:

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Put distance between yourself and other people outside of your home
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others
  • Follow appropriate respiratory etiquette, which includes covering for coughs and sneezes.
  • Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily
  • Avoid using other employees’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment, when possible. If necessary, clean and disinfect them before and after use.
  • Employees must familiarize themselves with the symptoms of COVID-19, which include the following:

o Cough

o Shortnessofbreathordifficultybreathing o Fever
o Chills
o Musclepain

o Sorethroat
o Newlossoftasteorsmell
o This list is not all possible symptoms. Other less common symptoms have been reported, including gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

• Employees should also review the CDC’s How to Protect Yourself & Others for a complete list of guidelines

What to do if you are sick

If you develop a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or shortness of breath, DO NOT GO TO WORK. Call your supervisor and healthcare provider right away. Likewise, if you come into close contact with someone showing these symptoms, call your supervisor and healthcare provider right away.

Sick employees should follow CDC-recommended steps for What to Do If You Are Sick. Employees should not return to work until the criteria for How to Discontinue Home Isolation are met, in consultation with healthcare providers and state and local health departments and your supervisor.

III. Job Site Protective Measures at a Trioptics Inc. lab or business office Trioptics Inc. has instituted the following protective measures at all locations managed by Trioptics Inc.

A. General Safety Policies and Rules

  • All employees/contractors/visitors may be required to submit to a temperature test before gaining access to a Trioptics Inc. lab or business office.
  • Any employee/contractor/visitor exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the jobsite and return home.
  • Employees must avoid physical contact with others and shall direct others (coworkers/contractors/visitors) to increase personal space to at least six (6) feet, where possible.
  • All in-person meetings will be limited. To the extent possible, meetings will be conducted by virtual platforms.
  • Employees will be encouraged to stagger breaks and lunches, if practicable, to reduce the size of any group at any one time to a maximum of ten (10) people.

B. Workers entering Occupied Buildings • Employees should ask other occupants to keep a personal distance of six (6) feet at a minimum. Workers should wash or sanitize hands immediately before starting and after completing the work.

C. Visitors entering a Trioptics Inc. lab or business office • All visitors will be screened in advance of arriving on the job site. If a visitor answers “yes” to any of the following questions, he/she should not be permitted to access the jobsite:

Have you been confirmed positive for COVID-19?
Are you currently experiencing, or recently experienced, any acute respiratory illness symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath?

o Have you been in close contact with any persons who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19?

o Have you been in close contact with any persons who have traveled and are also exhibiting acute respiratory illness symptoms?

• Any visitor exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the job site immediately.

D. Job Site Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Trioptics Inc. has instituted regular housekeeping practices, which include cleaning and disinfecting frequently used tools and equipment, and other frequently touched objects and surfaces such as workstations, keyboards, telephones, handrails, and doorknobs.
  • Shares spaces, such as lunch rooms should be cleaned at least once per day.
  • Employees should regularly clean and disinfect their assigned work areas.
  • To disinfect, use products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, and are appropriate for the surface.

IV. Job Site Protective Measures when Trioptics Inc. employees visit a customer or business partner location. In the normal course of business, employees of Trioptics Inc. are required to visit our customer and business partner locations. In addition to maintaining the guidelines listed above, the following additional protective measures will be taken by Trioptics Inc. and our employees when visiting other locations.

A. Prior to the visit an employee will:

  • Request a copy of any applicable COVID-19 Safety Plans or other guidelines a customer or business partner has in place.
  • Request from Trioptics Inc. Management any PPE or resources required for the visit.

B. While traveling employees will:

• Observe social distancing guidelines and best safety practices.

C. While at the visit the employee will:

• Comply with any applicable COVID-19 Safety Plans or other guidelines a customer or business partner has in place.

D. After the visit Trioptics Inc. will:

• Notify our customers and business partners if any employee who has visited their location, up to 20 calendar days prior, receives a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.