These are the pages for Trioptics Inc., the United States subsidiary of TRIOPTICS, the leading manufacturer of optical test and production equipment for the Optical Industry. We provide sales and service support for the TRIOPTICS product line, as well as the US-made DAVIDSON OPTRONICS brand and the WELLS RESEARCH brand. We also offer repair and calibration services for a range of instruments.

The TRIOPTICS product range covers almost the complete field of optical testing and manufacturing, starting with standard optical test tools like spherometers, autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, dioptermeters, alignment telescopes, doublets, mirrors and mounts to complex mass-production lines for active alignment of cameras, etc.

Our DAVIDSON OPTRONICS product line covers manual and fully computer-controlled alignment telescopes and visual Scratch&Dig standards.

Our WELLS RESEARCH product line covers MTF benches for afocal devices like binoculars, riflescopes and other sport optics, as well as MTF benches for medium and small lenses.